by Brooke Jackson, MD
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About the Book
Brooke Jackson, MD, is a top dermatologist and marathoner. She’s been an athlete all of her life. And while she will never bring home an Olympic medal, and chances are good that no one will ever pay to see her play, her enjoyment of sports has never faltered. She started swimming as a child; played field hockey and softball in high school; ran her first of 10 marathons at age 35; organized, directed, and coached a marathon training group on the south side of Chicago not long after that; and is now addicted to her Peloton. Because she has a large number of athletes in her practice—ranging from the casual weekend golfer to the Olympic qualifier to the professional athlete—she wrote this book to provide information and guidance for the athlete in all of us. Skin Care for Runners features tips on caring for skin, hair, and nails for athletes of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

About the Author
Brooke Jackson, MD, is a board certified dermatologist and skin wellness advocate who enjoys educating people of all ages about the importance of proper skin care  and skin health. Her specialties include ethnic skin care, laser therapy, and skin cancer prevention. Dr. Jackson’s approach to public education is providing non-jargon practical medical insight that consumers can understand and appreciate. Dr. Jackson follows the theory if patients really understand their condition, they are much more likely to follow through on treatment.

Dr. Jackson was the first African-American dermatologist to be awarded laser fellowship training at Harvard where her interests and research helped to pioneer the uses of lasers in ethnic skin. Dr. Jackson completed a second fellowship in skin cancer surgery (Mohs) at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, and then she joined the staff of the prestigious MD Anderson Cancer Center where she founded the Mohs Surgery Unit and served as its director until relocating to the Chicago-area. Because of her research interests and training, Dr. Jackson is considered an expert in the field of laser surgery and lectures nationally on the use of lasers and cosmetic procedures in ethnic skin. In addition to laser surgery, Dr. Jackson’s clinical interests and expertise include the prevention and treatment of skin cancer. She has authored numerous articles and book chapters. She also serves as a speaker for the American Cancer Society.

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