A humorous collection of stories from a mom who’s trying to keep her sanity intact, her house clean, and her husband and children from finding her good stash of chocolate

By Julie Davidson

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About the Author

Julie Davidson is a blogger, writer, and broadcaster. She has written for MetroParent Magazine, Milwaukeemoms.com and MommyMDGuides.com. Her blog can be
found at Smoothmommydj.com. She was also in the Inaugural Milwaukee cast of Listen to
Your Mother in 2013.

Julie has had a career in radio broadcasting for over 20 years. She was featured in Her Life Magazine and has won awards from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association. She is also a licensed Realtor. She lives in Milwaukee with
her husband and two sons.


Trim size: 5×7
Cover price: $10.95
ISBN: 978-0-9970808-2-7
Page count: 224