The Momosa Publishing Story

It all began with a lot of crying and very little sleeping.

My sons cried a lot as babies, and they didn’t sleep well. The record number of wakings was 11 in one night, or at least that’s when I stopped counting.

In desperation, I talked with their pediatrician, a wonderful doctor and also a mother of four, including twin babies at the time. She called me one night after work and talked with me for more than a half hour, explaining how she had solved her own twins’ sleep problems. Her method would call for more tears on my sons’ part, and more tears on mine, but it had worked for her, she explained.

Her reassurance and her experience gave me the courage to try it, and it worked for me too.

Over the years as a writer, I’ve interviewed hundreds of doctors. Every now and then, a doctor would say, “When my kids were little, I . . .” That always piqued my interest. If a physician juggling a busy practice and a hectic home life or a resident working 110 hours a week used a tip, no doubt it worked. And I figured that if it worked for her, it’ll likely work for me too.

That was the inspiration for the Mommy MD Guides—a book series featuring tips that doctors who are also mothers use for their own families.
In 2008, I had the incredible good luck to meet Rallie McAllister, MD, MPH. That year, we worked together on a few projects. Then in early 2009, we decided to join forces to publish the Mommy MD Guides books. To accompany the book series, we also created

We named our company Momosa after the fast-growing, long-living mimosa tree. And because, let’s face it, most moms could use a stiff drink now and again.

Together with an efficient, effective team of work-at-home moms, Dr. McAllister and I have published four books in our Mommy MD Guides series. Now we’re hard at work on the fifth. Our dream—soon to be realized—is to also publish books by other moms and other Mommy MD Guides.

Our Mission:
We help people live happier, healthier lives and to share their stories.

—Jennifer Bright, co-publisher and CEO, Momosa Publishing LLC

Our Team

At Momosa Publishing, we have an efficient, effective, and excellent team of publishing and marketing pros. Get to know them here:

Cofounder Jennifer Bright

Cofounder Rallie McAllister, MD, MPH

Writing Marie Suszynski

Editing Amy Kovalski

Indexing Nanette Bendyna

Editorial Assistant Hannah Rayner

Communications Jennifer Goldsmith Cerra

Marketing Jennifer Schriffert

Cover Designer Leanne Coppola

Interior Designer Jennifer Giandomenico

Interior Designer Joanna Williams

Designer Chris Gaugler

Designer Faith Hague